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Played some ASL when it was first published. Found a couple of locals around 2018 and happily started again.
COVID killed the regular gaming and I'm back to no opponents. However, love your site, and I maintain a hope that I'll play again before my time runs out.
Thanks for your good work...
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Re: ex

Post by Neal »

Hi srteric, welcome to the site.

I have a couple suggestions to help get back into playing:

1) Join the ASL Discord server https://discord.me/advancedsquadleader Lots of discussion and ability to find opponents. You can also use discord as voice communication to play ASL over the internet.

2) Consider learning VASL to play online. Thousands of ASL games are played on it every month, and there's be a huge surge due to covid. I have a full set of videos on the site on how to set up and use Vassal/VASL. https://asl-players.net/vasl-101-videos/

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