A Kiwi joins the fun

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A Kiwi joins the fun

Post by CloseAssaultPete »

Hi All, I'm a long time ASLer, occasional ASLOK attendee and veteran of several Asia-Pacific tourneys.
I'm the co-host with Stew of the Close Assault Podcast which is returning from an ASL Hiatus, just like me.

I've lost count of how many scenarios I've actually played, but at least all of the official AH and MMP non-HASL ones up to but not including Korea, most of the Schwerpunkt, almost all the Friendly Fire...the list goes on.

I'm a very average player who plays pretty fast. Been playing via VASL since the 1.9x days, and actually find I prefer to play many scenarios via VASL rather than F2F.

I do suffer from ASL Burnout on occasion, so try to play only once or twice a week. I enjoy talking about ASL generally, and am always happy to talk tactics rather than rules. I'll be honest and say I'm just not cut out to teach ASL, I don't have the patience and I'm a lousy instructor at the best of times. But I'm more of a generalist mentor type, able to provide encouragement and assistance.

These days I play mainly Early War (38-41), PTO where the Japanese are on the attack or counterattacking, and themed areas such as Market Garden or Normandy. I really like the Early Blitzkrieg era, particularly incluing the 41 battles in Russia. Extreme winter rules are some of my favourites and I have a real preference for tourney style scenarios mainly because they are copmpleted in a single sitting for the most part.

I've just had a 9 month break from ASL and haven't really bought anything new since 2017 and all my ASL gear is still in storage overseas and likely to remain there until the end of 2022 given the current situation re international Travel out of NZ.

Anyway, I'm can usually be found chatting on Discord with Stew or SunofTzu (John Knowles from Taiwan) and you may well see me playing Stew soon in some of the ASL for Fun large scenario on VASL. I'm also going to be playing Poland in Flames with John shortly so those are my ongoing ASL games sorted for a good while.
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Re: A Kiwi joins the fun

Post by Neal »

Welcome Pete! I also sometimes get ASL burnout, so I get it. I recently came back from a 3 month break. Between playing, reading rules, doing videos, and doing this website I neglected a bunch of other thinks I enjoyed and just needed to step back and take a breath. Now I'm ready to burnout again!! :D And I'm the exact opposite of a fast player.

I believe I'll be playing a 3 player scenario with Stew as soon as we can squeeze it in, maybe after we finish up this Biazza Ridge scenario.

Speaking of John Knowles, many of his old AARs will be slowly showing up on this site as they get processed.

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