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Hello all,

First up, I'd like to thank Neal for his VASL tutorials and game play vids. Your efforts have done more to re-spark my interest in ASL than anything else I've come across in 20+ years.

I consider myself an ASL collector more than a player. Started off with SL (have the purple Squad Leader box) and have purchased most Avalon Hill/MMP products right up through to the Korean module. While my ASL collection is comprehensive, my gaming experience is anything but. I was a peripheral part of a group of ASLr's out of Toronto in the 90's, playing whenever my work away from home schedule allowed. Since then, it's been non-existent. I can count on one hand how many games I've played in 20+ years. Too many other hobbies competing for my time combined with a rules set that (in my case) demanded constant attention/relearning.

I'm retired now and hoping to finally enjoy the game that's been patiently waiting for me to pay it some heed since the 80's. Looking forward to getting some VASL gaming in. (Just got to figure out this Discord thing) :)

Frank (Clanky)
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Re: Hello

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Welcome Clanky! Glad the VASL videos have helped you out.

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