fzmann reporting for duty

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fzmann reporting for duty

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With my interest piqued by Neal's YouTube videos, and recommendation from Stew (from Vaslingstew), I'm joining up what appears to be a really well-layed out ASL site, hoping to engage meaningfully with members, and with a good sense of camaraderie.

I started out, probably like many others, on SL/COI, etc. in the mid to late 1970's. My best friend and I, both Marine officers at the time, each purchased BV and the ASLRB for about $25-$30 combined at the Camp Pendleton PX (postal exchange, Marine term for commissary/shopping center; because Marines) in 1985, and played occasionally up until 1991, when life started to really intervene.

In 2015, for reasons unknown, I looked up ASL on the internet, and came upon videos from Stew and a fellow named Jester (I believe) on YouTube. My interest renewed I re-assembled my ASL kit (got most of MMP stuff), did some FtF play in San Jose, but it has been through VASL that has been my main source of gaming since about 2017.

I hope to learn, teach, engage and enjoy more of the ASL hobby.

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Re: fzmann reporting for duty

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Welcome Felipe.

Nice user avatar! I hate Panthers (unless I'm the Germans). :lol:

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