Different versions of maps

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Different versions of maps

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I opened up the scenario setup S 001 Retaking Vierville - Enhanced from the VASL web page. It was very pretty, with colored hexes, text for all of the different states of additions, etc. But I noticed an option on the menu to convert this setup since it was a pre 6.2 game.

When I clicked on that option, all of a sudden all the nice additions to the scenario were not properly displayed. The new colored hexes are not (in most cases) even on the map. Etc.

So my question is what new capabilities do I have once the game is converted to a 6.2 version game vs. whatever game type it was saved as? I don't mind recreating a scenario rather than downloading it, but if I don't gain anything for the exercise then I might as well be lazy and use the one that's available on the VASL web site.
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Re: Different versions of maps

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I am not sure but I think it is just the board which is being updated. When the board is updated all of the overlays are lost. The counters are not updated, but old counters can be incompatible with the current version of VASL. In general is is better to just start fresh with a new game setup rather than reuse the old ones. It takes time when you first start doing it but after a few new games it gets very quick and you know there will be no VASL errors due to old counters or boards.
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