QC Bar Customization

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QC Bar Customization

Post by Velocette »

I recently followed Neal's excellent video to do a customization of my QC bar. Not only was doing so insightful (about how I think and organize ASL in my mind), it was fun to mess around with different counter trees and combos.

I made a "standard game" QC bar, but was thinking about doing a specialized QC bar for Campaign Games; however, before I did put in the effort of doing so, I was wondering if QC bar customization "ports" when the next version of VASL is released.

I am currently on v6.6.4 -- when v6.x.y comes out, do I have to redo my QC bar or is the customization forward compatible?

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Re: QC Bar Customization

Post by Neal »

The QC bar remains the same between versions because the settings are buried in C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\VASSAL\qcconfigs folder in an xml file.

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