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Kohlenklau's games with a buddy AAR summary

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2022 11:05 pm
by Kohlenklau
Kohlenklau (Phil) Victories: 1 :-(
Gary Victories: 7

lateJuly2022 The Guards Attack (Gary as Soviets/Phil as Germans) Phil won
NOTES: Our first game ever. MY VERY FIRST EVER ASL EXPERIENCE (I lost my virginity in Stalingrad?). Gary tried dash. Phil had a few heroes. Gary made it into one building and took it but Phil pushed Gary out of another building. Gary has 2 floors of Guards firing as a fire group for a massive 36 or so on the IFT.

July/Aug2022 The Puma Prowls (Gary as Germans/Phil as Soviets) Gary won
NOTES: Learning to use armor. Gary immobilized my T-70 with the AL. I brewed up one of his Puma's. He exited off 2 vehicles. I exited off only 1. He nailed all my others I think.

Aug2022 Stonne (Gary as Germans/Phil as French) Gary won
NOTES: Phil attacked with "Le Grand Staques" and learned what an HMG34 in a 3 level tower with a 10-2 leader can do. Lots of old slow tanks plodding forward. Gary nailed many and set several ablaze. snake eyes Critical Hit by a Pak36 37L to the flank of a Char B1. Phil's Hotchkiss went up the west flank and nailed a half-track. Both G and P close combat assaulted with infantry to KO a tank. P used IFT to elim an infantry gun crew with G's boxcars morale check. Casualty MC does affect gun crews! No, they are not battle hardened and get a 10-2 leader. :-) P finally took the 7VP chateau. we agreed to cease fire at turn 9 with G the victor.

mid Aug2022 Mad Minute (Gary as Germans SS/Phil as US Army Airborne) Gary won
NOTES: What an awesome battle. Finished in the last die rolls as Gary broke my crew holding 1 VL and broke a squad that MIGHT have threatened his hold on another VL. He went rabid to grab the required 18 VL's, using halftrack crews and CX movement. But he did it. It all started off with some blazing piles of Krupp steel. Phil lost a gun by routing the crew. Another gun broke. Crew of #3 gun was wiped out. A hero was made and a fanatic MMC but they were wiped out by a sniper. Gary had a MMC go berzerk but it didn't do anything too interesting. great battle, boggy but great.

mid Aug2022 Cutting Out A Strongpoint (Gary as South Africans and British/Phil as Germans and Italians) Gary won
NOTES: We figured out VASL overlays and both can see the glimmering desert sands. We see the "deirs"...Now learning OBA rules and in progress. Gary had FOUR heroes created and a berserk MMC with berserk leader. I KO'd a Portee and a "Monkey-Harry A/C" but he eventually had my German crew in the Matilda bail out after a failed 1MC. Lots of great events. Intense Heat stuff. He swept out the trenches. I ended up all broken and DR'd in the last trench and that was all she wrote.

28 Aug2022 Shklov's Labors Lost (Gary as Germans/Phil as Soviets) Gary won
NOTES: Gary's StuG's didn't do much at all UNTIL the snake eyes CH of turn 5. He nailed my linchpin of the 10-3 with the HMG and MMG. 3KIA. I had danced around the map and lost several squads but DID manage to break one of his entire platoons and have it rout way back but it rally'd and returned to the fight. I conceded at the bottom of turn 5 (of 6) when all I had left was the commissar. A fun little battle that we had ALREADY played the Combat Mission Red Thunder version I had created last year or so.

09 Sep2022 Stand for New Zealand (Gary as Germans/Phil as British) Gary won
NOTES: It was looking rough for Gary right up to the bitter end. My reinforcements finally arrived. My first use of the MkVI resulted in a malf for the MA. Later a die roll turned this malf into inoperable and she was recalled. Damnation! The other MKVI got hit by his ATR and was immobilized. Those Hussars did not accomplish diddly squat. Gary carefully set up the final building and in the very last possible die roll annihilated my last 2 GO squads in CC. He had achieved the Vic Con. Last year was the 80th anniversary of the actual Galatas, Crete battle this scenario was based upon and I made a CMFI scenario using Google Earth to TRY and represent it. Gary and I will soon play that CMFI scenario, "Galatas Sleigh Ride" I called it...

16 Sep2022 A Meeting of Patrols (Gary as Germans/Phil as US) Gary won
NOTES: Gary racked us up the snowy terrain map in VASL. It started off real slow and seemed it might be a fizzler. But it perked up and was exciting. I got 9 points off and he got 10 points off which were both short of 11 instant win. Gary won because he had 2 squads of my prisoners and double the KIA on me...a fun battle.

Re: Kohlenklau's games with a buddy AAR summary

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2022 5:31 pm
by Kohlenklau
ALRIGHTY! Now me and my buddy take a break from VASL. Well, he is the "VASL chef" for our future battles and he is working behind the scenes on our future VASL encounters. Meanwhile, I am our Battlefront "Combat Mission chef" and have cooked up CM versions of some of our VASL battles.
I am pretty fast in the CM editor and can crank out a rendition in a few hours. The fidelity is not always 100% matched because of limits to equipment availability. I hit the "allow substitutes" magic button in my mind and my buddy understands this.

Combat Mission Fortress Italy (CMFI) is how we portray Africa and "Cutting Out a Strongpoint". We played a PBEM. The fidelity to the VASL is sadly not as high I dearly wish. We had to do some workarounds but it is all good. I flipped a coin and I am the allies and he is hunkered down in the trenches.

Combat Mission Red Thunder (CMRT) is how we portray Ost Front VASL battles and I have not yet started to render our 2 Ost Front themed VASL battles. BUT I did go and render one of my buddy's favorite Ost Front VASL scenarios "ASL49 Delaying Action" and we will start that here any day.

Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg (CMFB) is how we portray the Bulge late '44 ETO VASL battle of "Mad Minute" and that is a bigger scenario in VASL and I am cranking away at getting it ready. CM scenario editor has an overlay feature where I can drop the VASL map(s) in and "paint" the CM terrain to match the VASL terrain.

Sadly, the 1940 Stonne VASL scenario is not really renderable (is that a word?) in the CM world. The company has not followed my begging and pleading to go into the "early war". oh well...