ASL Round Table Talks

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ASL Round Table Talks

Post by VaslingStew »

Slowly getting some interest in a group of players Playing the same scenario, then chatting about it.
Tactical Tuesday for ASL.

LMK if you guys have interest.

They will likely be bimonthly. Possible discussions on the weekend to allow EU to join in discussions.

Scenarios won't be GIANT....Small to S/M. for ease of discussion.

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Re: ASL Round Table Talks

Post by marchanna »

I'd be game but being in England it's the timing for the TT event that might be a deal stopper.
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Stuart Lee Abrams
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Re: ASL Round Table Talks

Post by Stuart Lee Abrams »

I'd be interested. i might not have a lot to contribute, but I can sit quietly and learn something if that's how it has to be. What time would TT take place, and in what time zone. I'm on Pacific Coast time.

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