LSSAH Scenario Games

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LSSAH Scenario Games

Post by VaslingStew »

I'm looking to roll out more playings of a LOT of Lone Canuck's products.

LSSAH is just one of them.

George has a slew of great stuff and fun to play.

I don't care if it's balanced or not,
I don't care if you are new or not.
I don't care if you don't speak English well.

I just want some fun into the game.

I'm PST and usually play 7pm+

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Re: LSSAH Scenario Games

Post by Neal »

Stew, I don't have any of the LSSAH scenarios (I don't think so anyway). I'm willing to give something a shot in the evenings if you can provide scenarios and don't mind playing a game spread across multiple sessions.
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Re: LSSAH Scenario Games

Post by ray »

why do some use LSSAH when LAH covers all the bases.
Since this is an LAH topic how about some talk about kGP1 1 and 2. the good the bad and the ugly.
any worth owning or playing? are the maps worth having?
haven't looked at the scenarios but from SL days Buchholtz was one I was never interested in. LAH wasn't on my radar. been somewhat fixated on the ardennes of late and Normandy so can't avoid the LAH.
May never want to play but would like to see counter factual scenarios for Peiper's part. recently came across an author's musing if Peiper wondered if he should have had bridging equipment closer to the front of the column.
any players comments will be helpful. spent last evening looking at the P rules. didn't delve to deep but didn't see any rules for units surrendering. and there was a bit of it.
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