LSSAH Scenario Games

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LSSAH Scenario Games

Post by VaslingStew »

I'm looking to roll out more playings of a LOT of Lone Canuck's products.

LSSAH is just one of them.

George has a slew of great stuff and fun to play.

I don't care if it's balanced or not,
I don't care if you are new or not.
I don't care if you don't speak English well.

I just want some fun into the game.

I'm PST and usually play 7pm+

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Re: LSSAH Scenario Games

Post by Neal »

Stew, I don't have any of the LSSAH scenarios (I don't think so anyway). I'm willing to give something a shot in the evenings if you can provide scenarios and don't mind playing a game spread across multiple sessions.

Neal - Site Admin
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