Competitive Group Play

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Competitive Group Play

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I'm looking to get some semblance of a competitive "ladder" group play going.

There are at least 3 sites ranking players...Screw that....Let's focus on one...likely the AREA rating, so that players can actually play games NOT in a tournament setting per se, but a competitive setting that allows them to play similarly skilled players instead of facing Pleva in Round 1 of their tournament they flew 14000 miles to get to.

Average players will not perform well enough to actually grow their AREA rating in tournaments, why? Tourney format for MOST tourneys is stacked against them.

Let's level the field and create an environment that allows players to COMPETE and have fun and see successes against their peers.

It won't be your normal , " Sign up for ladder and fade away after 3 games later" format.

We are striving to design a format that will keep players engaged, and able to play at their schedule. Round Robin competition allows this.

We are looking for great ideas to use in creating a fun and exciting ladder environment that doesn't fade and you can see your progress grow by using the AREA system on the ASL Players Rating page.

"Not just for tournaments anymore...."
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