Starter or full enchilada?

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Starter or full enchilada?

Post by MrsWargamer »

ASL banter eh...

Ok, I won't pose any Squad Leader dialogue, as this is an ASL forum :)

So the question is, whether or not you own the whole enchilada, do you limit your activity to the Starters (because you can), or do you play everything under the sun, or do you have a bias against Pacific or desert (I'm not really a fan of Pacific and desert). I tend to prefer Russian Front or post Normandy Western Front. I like British as well as Yanks, not in a hurry to play the Minors, or French or Italians. No objections to playing the Germans.

I have recently gone the route of getting the Starters content. Simple and not quite the volume of materials to manage. I am also prone to DYO of a very limited sort ie with intent to be contained on no more than 2 boards. I like having access to ALL the boards in existence. Just not burdened with every counter ever created. If I never use a Sturm Tiger, I'll manage :) (I have several models of the thing though).

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Re: Starter or full enchilada?

Post by Neal »

I play both ASL and ASLSK (once in a while). I own the whole enchilada, and then some. 😂

In Europe I prefer western theater more. Not a big fan of Russian zerg scenarios, tho I do enjoy scenarios involving the Finns. I quite like PTO. It gives ASL a decidedly different "feel", and you really have to adjust your play style if you're playing as the Japanese. I also enjoy the challenge of playing minor nations with their terrible morale/FP/range. Again, it changes your play style quite a bit.

I like small scenarios because they move quick, but also dislike them because 1-2 really good/bad die rolls can easily decide the entire scenario. Too dicey sometime. I like medium sized scenarios with some elbow room, usually involving some interesting late-war toys like guns/afvs. In general I have bad luck playing the Americans for some reason. Good luck playing the Germans.

Kind of embarrassed to say I still haven't dipped toes into DTO. But TBH it doesn't seem like a particularly popular theater with most ASL players. One of these years I'll finally inhale a bunch of DTO dust...

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