D6.2: Rider question about TEM

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D6.2: Rider question about TEM

Post by aslfaust »

I have a sq riding on a tank. What kind of TEM does it get? No ffnam or ffmo seem pretty obvious. What about TEM from the afv, or is there a penalty for a stopped afv versus a motion/non-stopped afv?

Or is the TEM simply 0?

Tanks 8-)
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Re: D6.2: Rider question about TEM

Post by TonyB »

FFNAM and FFMO do not apply, as the squad isn't the one actually moving and FFNAM/FFMO only apply to moving infantry units.

Squads don't get the protection of CE status crew.

So basically the TEM is 0 for Riders, personnel being transported on the outside of a vehicle. This is quite different than a Passenger which is consider in the vehicle, like inside the bed of a halftrack or truck.
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