Request for Boot Camp on Chapter 12 - Concealment

For discussion/questions of Chapter A rules.
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Jon P
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Request for Boot Camp on Chapter 12 - Concealment

Post by Jon P »

Requesting Neal give his usual sterling Boot Camp treatment to Concealment, but until that comes to pass, I would like to hear from the rest of the forum.

Of all the items I have tried to incorporate into my game as I move up from SK to Full Rules ASL (appropriately pronounced "frazzle"), the one concept I seem to have the hardest time with (so far) is concealment. If my opponent is a more experienced player, they usually clue me in on the where/when/how of placing/removing a "?", but it is not something I have fully grokked yet, and most of my player turns slide right from CCPh to the opponent's Rally Phase, leaving lots of my units that otherwise would have gained concealment exposed...and my string of defeats is mute testimony to my lack of knowledge.

I have no one to blame for this lack of knowledge but myself; I did not play any SK4 (where the basics of concealment are introduced to ASL neophytes...I just have little interest in the PTO). That said, I welcome any constructive input on how the rest of the hive mind was able to understand and apply all the concepts outlined in Chapter 12. And yes, I am reading the appropriate sections in the SK Rulebook (now) and reading/re-reading Chapter 12 and the Concealment matrix on the Chapter A Divider.

So...there is your spotting round, roll for contact, and Fire for Effect. I look forward to any responses.
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Prester John
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Re: Request for Boot Camp on Chapter 12 - Concealment

Post by Prester John »

Nobody has replied on this because it is such a big question. I'd rather get on VASL and Skype and talk about it for 30 min while drinking a beer than type it out.
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Re: Request for Boot Camp on Chapter 12 - Concealment

Post by Neal »

This has been requested many times and concealment is really hard to fully cover because it's so situational and based on a HUGE range of circumstances. I just haven't thought of a way to cover it in a succinct manner that would do it justice.
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