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  AFV Cheat Sheet v1.3A one page AFV informational cheat sheet.
  ASOPA verbose advanced sequence of play for ASL.
  IFT/TH/TK TablesInfantry Fire Table, TH Tables, and TK Tables.
  Perry Sez Q&A v26A compilation of ASL Q&A from Perry Cocke.
  Ponderous Book of ASL Play AidsNearly 100 pages of various ASL flotsam and jetsom.
  Ponderous Book of ASL Play Aids 2Another 40 pages of various ASL flotsam and jetsom.
  Routing TutorialA step by step tutorial on how to route, with examples.
  Rules SummaryA summary of the important core rules in ASL.


Starter Kit
  ASLSK Combat ChartsA collection of commonly used charts for Starter Kit. By Neal Ulen
  SK to Full ASLA list of rules you need to learn to go from SK to full ASL. By Miikka Sohlman.
  SK TutorialA massive Starter Kit tutorial going into rule details for SK #1-#3. By Jay Richardson.


VSAV Setups
Note that loading .vsav files may be VASL version dependent. Also, some saves may have been done using various extensions.
  AP23 – Agony at ArnautovoRussans vs. Italians – January 24, 1943 – Arnautovo, Russia (VASL 6.6.1)
  BR9 – Drillo HG ReconquestGermans vs. Americans – July 12, 1943 – Ponte Dirillo, Sicily (VASL 6.6.1)


Note that loading .vlog files may be VASL version dependent.
  102 – Point of The SwordBritish vs. Germans – June 6, 1944 – France.
  AP32 – Second Crack at CaumontAmericans vs. Germans – June 13, 1944 – France.
  AP79 – Rude MoodFree French vs. Germans – May 18, 1944 – Italy.
  J19 – Merzenhausen ZooAmericans vs. Germans – Nov 22, 1944 – Germany.
  J112 – Prelude to DyingCroatians vs. Slovenians – May 8, 1945 – Slovenia.
  J130 – The Art of DyingItalians vs. Russians – Sept 1, 1942 – Russia.
  J183 – A Real Barn BurnerFrench vs. Russians – May 31, 1940 – France.
  SP51 – Stryker’s ChargeAmericans vs. Germans – Mar 24, 1945 – Germany.
  SP52 – Thorne In Your SideAmericans vs. Germans – Dec 21, 1944 – Belgium.


  Stew’s Turret ModUpdates turret/CE/BU counters to more visible versions. For VASL 6.6.1.


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