Welcome to asl-players.net!

My hope is that this site will become another resource and community independent from Facebook and scattered ASL sites. I have several goals for this site:

  1. Start with a focus on ASL after action reports starting with my own plays in both written and video form, then allowing members to submit their own to be published in certain categories and possessing certain keywords/tags that allows the AARs to be fully searchable. These can also be in written (with pictures) or video format. My plan is that you will not need to register an account for this submission process, but including a name is helpful for due credit.
  2. Various ASL articles/tips/tricks/etc that can also be submitted by members of the ASL community.
  3. Establishing a forum. It’s difficult for forums to gain traction in this day and age, but I have extensive experience running and managing very large forums (10s of thousands of members, and 3+ million posts) since 2001.
  4. Establish a downloads section. The Texas ASL site does a good job with downloads, but it’s always good to have a backup.

As mentioned above, I have extensive experience managing websites/servers/hosting. Hopefully this endeavor will be another useful resource for the ASL community!

Note: The look and feel of this site may vary over time. The current version is just a placeholder.

If you have any thoughts or feedback, please post below.



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