Tactical Tips

Friday Tactical Tips are short ASL refreshers to show players some of the lesser used, sometimes forgotten, and often subtle rules in the Advanced Squad Leader system.

ASL Tactical Tip #5 – Open Ground vs. Open Ground?

Friday Tactical Tip #5 - Open Ground vs. Open Ground?
I explain the differences for new players and give a few examples how to interpret the "Open Ground" mechanic and benefit from it during Concealment, Rout, and Interdiction circumstances.

ASL Tactical Tip #4 – Platoon Leader?!

Friday Tactical Tip #4 - Platoon Leader?!
In this Friday Tactical Tip I go over the historical platoon structure and formations used by the United States Army in WW2 and talk to how the system revolves around the tactics of the platoon formation because of the squad unit's inability to create tactics and formations.

ASL Tactical Tip #3 – Multiple Hits

Friday Tactical Tip #3 - Multiple Hits
Small caliber ordinance (and some larger ones) have the capability to get two To Kill DRs in certain circumstances. A powerful rule when it happens with high ROF Guns.

ASL Tactical Tip #2 – Rout Order & No Quarter

Friday Tactical Tip #2 - Rout Order & No Quarter
Sometimes the order in which you rout your units matters greatly, especially if No Quarter has or hasn't been declared. Most of what's discussed here doesn't apply to Starter Kit this time, as No Quarter and Prisoner rules don't exist in that system.

ASL Tactical Tip #1 – Motion Status Attempts

Friday Tactical Tip #1 - Motion Status Attempts
Motion status attempt helps protect your vehicle from getting flanked and/or driven right up next to and blasted at point blank range. It exists in both full ASL (D2.401) and ASL Starter Kit (