Tactical Tuesday: How to Close Out Your Game

Tactical Tuesday
Tactical Tuesday by: Stephen "Stew" Stewart This Tactical Tuesday features the ASL Starter Kit scenario Purple Heart Lane (S19). In it we analysis how to close out your game more effectively, including positioning, objectives, and evaluating your options left open to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-KZAlPKEk8

Stew’s Replays: Fighting Withdrawal (1)

Stew's Replays: Fighting Withdrawal (1)
AAR by: Stephen Stewart Stew's Replays: Fighting Withdrawal (1) Here's the historical situation: Date: September 2, 1941 Location: Sestroretsk Road, Terijoki, Finland Attacker: Finnish (Elements of 1st Parachute Regiment) Defender: Russian (Remnants of 131st Border Battalion) The Finns, seeking restitution for the Winter War of 1939, had erupted across the borders and breached the Soviet Karelian front even as the crisis to the south of Leningrad...

Tactical Tuesday: Tactical Roundtable With Players

Tactical Tuesday: Tactical Roundtable With Players
Tactical Tuesday by: Stephen "Stew" Stewart This is Stew back with another Tactical Tuesday! Today I gather with another group of ASL Starter Kit players to have a round table discussion about the fundamentals of: Defensive First Fire principles Interpreting the complex Routing rules And other topics ... The scenario used in this week's banter is Simple Equation (S3). I hope...

Stew’s Replays: Per L’Onore Di Roma (Q6)

Stew's Replays - Per L'Onore Di Roma (Q6)
AAR by: Stephen Stewart Stew's Replay - Per L'Onore Di Roma (For the Honor of Rome) (Q6) Per L'Onore Di Roma is an early war Italian versus Russian village slugfest. Here's the historical situation: With the Russians in full retreat, the 9 Divisione Fanteria “Pasubio” was ordered to advance to the Bug River and cut off the retreating Russians. The leading battalions of...