Second Front: Mastering AFVs (Part 1)

Second Front: The Secrets of AFVs (Part 1)
This multi-part series attempts to demystify Second Front AFVs for you by showing the ASL basis of the mechanics behind how they work within the game. This is in preparation to show you their tactical secrets within the game, and how the mechanics can be used for your gain

Second Front: Understanding Defensive Fire

Second Front: Understanding Defensive Fire
In this short video I'm going to show new players how defensive reaction works in Second Front (and in ASL), and how they can use it to their advantage during the Move & Fire Phase of the game.

Friday Night Tactical #2: ASL vs. Second Front

Friday Night Tactical: ASL vs. Second Front
Join Neal/Stew/Scott as we chat about ASL, Second Front, and anything else viewers want to chat about. We discuss the similarities and differences between Advanced Squad Leader and Second Front. What we like, what we dislike, and speculate on what's likely to be added (sooner or later).

Friday Night Tactical #1: Let’s Play Second Front

Friday Night Tactical: Let's Play Second Front
In this first, informal, episode of "Friday Night Tactical" I play and walk you through the Second Front scenario "Find the Gun". It's a fairly simple and straightforward scenario with German infantry approaching American units in the cover of a multi-story stone building.

Second Front: A Comparison to ASL

Second Front: A Review and Comparison to ASL
The real question is how close does Second Front, as a videogame, compare to the Advanced Squad Leader system?