Brevity Assault

[foogallery id=”6704″]BREVITY ASSAULT is an Operational Level ASL historical that permits the operational level campaign game to be decided via tactical scenarios, and/or with operational level combat. It’s a new concept for ASL. Brevity Assault depicts the hard fought battles on the border between Libya and Egypt in 1941.

Advancing Fire – 2020

Libya/Egypt, North Africa

Operation Brevity

May, 1941

Order of Battle
Germany/Italy/Great Britain

BREVITY ASSAULT includes the following:

  • 7 action packed scenarios, including 3 campaign games (CG) covering the Operation Brevity from 5 to 18 operational turns
  • 30 full color, die cut 1/2″ ASL counters
  • 35 full color, die cut 5/8″ ASL counters
  • 225 full color, die cut 5/8″ operational counters
  • One 13.2” x 10.2” operational map which represent historical situation on the Lybia/Egypt border
  • Two 31.3” x 26.6” HASL map sheets which combine to represent the historical layout of Halfaya Pass
  • One 31.7” x 23.2” HASL map sheet which represents the historical layout of the village of Sollum
  • Rules pages describing Vehicles/Ordnance notes, BA Scenario Special Rules (SSR), map terrain and campaign game rules
  • A divider card for quick reference of SSRs during scenario and CG play

Ownership of the following Hasbro/MMP ASL products are required to play all of the included scenarios: Beyond Valor©, West of Alamein©, Hollow Legions©

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