Halfaya Pass, Egypt

Brevity Assault is a new historical campaign game released by Advancing Fire, a new Italian developer. Brevity Assault is the first of four planned campaign games. The next released was Biazza Ridge, covering the fighting on the island of Sicily between the Germans (and Italians) and American forces. I will do a similar unboxing for for that CG in the very near future.

  • Biazza Ridge – Invasion of Sicily in the Gela-Scoglitti sector, Sicily, 1943.
  • Brevity Assault – North African combat around Halfaya Pass, Egypt, 1941.
  • Prokhorovka! – Eastern front action during the Battle of Kursk, Russia, 1943.
  • Orsogna – Fighting in/around the village of Orsogna, Italy, 1943.
Brevity Assault Campaign Game Unboxing
Brevity Assault Campaign Game Unboxing

Brevity Assault covers the British conceived Commonwealth offensive against the Axis in the Sollum/Halfaya Pass area (Libyan/Egypt border) in North Africa during the spring of 1941. The aspect of this CG that separates it from a traditional Advanced Squad Leader CG is that is uses an operational level map for the movement of companies/platoons in the sector, with combat being resolved with generated ASL scenarios depending on the meeting forces and location on the operational map. The traditional ASL CG uses the “start CG date, refit phase, spend CPP, end of CG date, repeat” mechanic, which IS a tried and true mechanic … but one that has seen very little innovation in several decades.

Below are a few historical images from Operation Brevity.

The operational level concept has been an idea much discussed in the ASL community over the years, but rarely executed and published to a wider audience … often relegated to experimental personal or club play. So from that point of view this is a unique third party product in the ASL world.

Here are some maps from Brevity Assault, specifically Sollum, Egypt, as well as Halfaya Pass maps, including the combined north/south map:

Here’s a blurb from the Advancing Fire website …

BREVITY ASSAULT contains an Operational Level that permits playing a larger scale battle than typical campaign games available for ASL. What you receive is a game at company/platoon level where you resolve the combat not with simple dice rolls but with generated ASL scenarios. BREVITY ASSAULT depicts the hard fought battles that occurred in mid May, 1941 on the border between Libya and Egypt during Operation Brevity.

And below is my unboxing and overview video of Brevity Assault. Enjoy!


Here’s an additional video detailing the maps.

GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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