The Biazza Ridge campaign game is an ASL historical study game released by Advancing Fire, a new Italian developer. I previously profiled Brevity Assault which is an operational level module focusing on Commonwealth versus German/Italian forces around Halfaya Pass, Egypt in 1941. They have four planned Advanced Squad Leader historical modules/campaign games, filling in some interesting holes in the ASL historical options.

  • Biazza Ridge – Invasion of Sicily in the Gela-Scoglitti sector, Sicily, 1943.
  • Brevity Assault – North African combat around Halfaya Pass, Egypt, 1941.
  • Prokhorovka! – Eastern front action during the Battle of Kursk, Russia, 1943.
  • Orsogna – Fighting in/around the village of Orsogna, Italy, 1943.

Biazza Ridge hits a bit closer to home for the Advancing Fire developer as it highlights some of the actions on the island of Sicily during the early days of Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of that island on July, 1943. The ten scenarios and one CG in Biazza Ridge take place in the Gela-Niscemi-Biscari-Scoglitti sector, between primarily American forces and German/Italian defenders.

Operation Husky Map
Operation Husky Map

Biazza Ridge comes with a handful of counters, including one for (then) colonel James M. Gavin who jumped into Sicily with his men as part of the 82nd Airborne Division. Gavin’s action in the sector highlighted in this module eventually led him to be promoted to the U.S. Army’s youngest Brigadier General later that fall.

Biazza Ridge Campaign Game Unboxing
Biazza Ridge Campaign Game Unboxing

The module also had five, yes, five historical maps accurately depicting the terrain in the Gela-Scoglitti sector. Here are screenshots of a few of the maps, including a couple images to give you a flavor of the historical terrain and how it’s depicted on the map. Note the red arrow showing corresponding viewpoints.

Biazza Ridge Piano Lupo Map
Piano Lupo Map
Biazza Ridge Piano Lupo Viewpoint
Piano Lupo Historical Picture
Biazza Ridge Ponte Dirillo
Ponte Dirillo Map
Biazza Ridge Ponte Dirillo Viewpoint
Ponte Dirillo Historical Picture
Biazza Ridge Abbio Priolo Map
Abbio Ponte Map

As of this writing two of the five maps are available for use in VASL, and it’s expected all maps will eventually be provided.

If you’re curious about what took place during Operation Husky, and specifically around the Biazza Ridge location, here are some historical pictures.

GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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  1. Those maps looks fantastic! Historical pictures with the maps is very interesting, I didn’t know Gavin fought thru Italy. I might have to pull the trigger on this one if its still available.

  2. Whoa, what?! I had no idea someone had release a module/campaign game about Operation Husky, or at least the beginning of it. I gotta get this just to be able to play as Colonel Gavin through the orchards and hills of Sicily. Are any airdops represented in the scenarios?



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