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Neal is a retired engineer/researcher who first played Squad Leader back in the late '70s. While getting re-acquainted with ASL after retiring, he took it as an opportunity to create VASL, Boot Camp, and AAR tutorials to help new and returning players. He lurks in the PWN.

Bounding Fire Production’s Onslaught to Orsha 2 Unboxing

Bounding Fire Production's Onslaught to Orsha 2
Unboxing by: Neal Ulen "Unboxing" of Bounding Fire Production's new Onslaught to Orsha v2 historical module, an updated and reprinted version of the original. You can find more information at their website: Check out the unboxing video below. I'm still working on a better microphone setup. .END OF BRIEFING.

ASL Module 10a – Croix de Guerre Unboxing

ASL Module 10a - Croix de Guerre Unboxing
An overview of MMPs massively updated (and massive) Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) French module 10a, Croix de Guerre, including the HASL module Dinant: Rommel at the Meuse. The new French module now includes nationality counters for the regular French, Free French, and French Vichy ... as well as about 8000 Opel Blitz counters. Check out the unboxing video below. I'm...

Advanced Squad Leader AAR – Early Battles (S25)

Advanced Squad Leader AAR - Early Battles (S25)
AAR by: Scott Rowland Advanced Squad Leader AAR - Early Battles (S25). Here’s the historical situation: Attacker: Germans - 6th Panzer Division Defender: Russians - 2nd Tank Division The Germans, after a week of relatively easy victories, approached a small Lithuanian village amidst the forest. Army Group North was among the first Germans to encounter heavier Russian tanks. These monsters dwarfed the German AFVs,...

AAR 194 Infanterie-Regiment, 71st Infantrie-Division SASL CG

71st Infantrie-Division SASL CG
AAR by: Donald Lazov Mission 1: Clearing the Way. Blagny, France. 14 May 1940 Four days after the start of the Blitzkrieg, the 194th IR of the 71st ID were used to occupy the north bank of the Chiers River in anticipation of a crossing the next day by the 191st IR. Early that morning, while the 191st rested, the 194th...

Advanced Squad Leader – Decision at Elst CG (The Island)

Advanced Squad Leader - Decision at Elst CG
AAR by: Neal Ulen Decision at Elst campaign game day 1 (afternoon) done against Scott Rowland. This was our first experience with a CG and we are still getting back into ASL, so the going was a bit slow.   I took the Brits with their generous supply of tea & biscuits, which left Scott with the German SS and their generous... Coming Soon …

Advanced Squad Leader - Coming Soon
Welcome to! My hope is that this site will become another resource and community independent from Facebook and scattered ASL sites. I have several goals for this site: Start with a focus on ASL after action reports starting with my own plays in both written and video form, then allowing members to submit their own to be published in certain...