Yanks On Pre-order


Multi-Man Publishing has put Yanks up for preorder.

This printing is essentially identical to the 2016 printing, so it is basically a straight re-print. If you don’t have a copy of the update Yanks I highly recommend that you preorder a copy as it likely won’t be available again for 5-10 years once this reprint actually begins to ship (likely a year from now).

This version of Yanks combines the original Yanks & Paratrooper into one module, and includes additional scenarios.

ASL Yanks
Yanks Front
ASL Yanks
Yanks Back

Yanks Contents:

  • American Chapter H
  • eight mapboards (16-19, 24, 40-41, and 46)
  • 41 scenarios
  • six countersheets (1/2” and 5/8”)
  • one box & lid

Yanks Scenario List:

Defiance On Hill 30 Gavin’s Gamble Scouts Out
Confusion Reigns Tanks In The Street Buchholz Station
Le Manoir The Niscemi-Biscari Highway Shoot-N-Scoot
Silence That Gun Ranger Stronghold Abandon Ship!
Trapped! The T-Patchers The Attempt To Relieve Peiper
No Better Spot To Die Gavin Take Rocket’s Red Glare
Lost Opportunities Strayer’s Strays Patton’s Prayers
The Roadblock The Pouppeville Exit Parker’s Crossroads
Backs To The Sea Death At Carentan A Breezeless Day
Taking The Left Tit Not Out Of The Woods Yet Ace In The Hole
Among The Ruins L’Abbaye Blanche Broich Bash
Kurhaus Clash Morgan’s Stand Hunters From The Sky
Under The Noel Trees Zon With The Wind Hitdorf On The Rhine
The Mad Minute Devil’s Hill

ASL Journal 11 lists the balancing updates incorporated in these scenarios.
ASL Journal 12 lists some errata to that list (the updated scenarios are OK).

Yanks is not a complete game. Ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader Game System is required for play.

You can order Yanks here.


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