ASL Weekly Poll #18

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Primarily for SK players: Would you be interested in a Starter Kit expansion that adds optional rules that allow you to play many full ASL scenarios, and/or give SK players/designers more variety/options, and/or act as a means to transition easier to full ASL, and/or possibly introduce limited French/Finn orders of battle? (whew, that was a lot!)

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  1. I have enjoyed the SK learning experience. Having played all the kits so far and now trying to graduate to the full Monty,I think the programed approach like what was used in Squad leader would have been the way to go. Maybe the next expansions will add more rules,like snipers, upper building levels ,hills ……..

  2. I didn’t vote but I think the introduction pathway needs to be able to transition to full ASL for those who want to try it without a lot of risk. For example some of the free ASL Classic scenarios could be playable with a pack that had three boards and a counter-sheet.

  3. I agree with the couple comments here about a better bridge between SK and Full ASL. The programmed approach from SL (never played it in all fairness) seems like a decent idea, but I think that the classic scenarios would be the way to go with the current system that they have in place. Smaller, more succinct scenarios. More manageable than just jumping into Beyond Valor from SK.



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