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In general, the physical size, scale and scope of recent historical ASL modules is...

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  1. I guess it would be considered “out of hand” only if the releases drive you towards the type of scenarios you don’t wish to play. I don’t like huge urban fights (Stalingrad/Berlin/Manila) and games that take a week to set up months to complete. So, TotR doesn’t excite me (even though I still bought it…hey, it’s a core module) and I took a pass on Sword and Fire (not a PTO fan). Bummed that Contested Lands got shelved (in light of recent events) because I really liked the era/conflict and am cautiously waiting to see what the Ponyri project looks like based on Curt’s comments that a number of the scenarios were “tournament sized” offerings. Just not to the point to where I can have a game set up on a table and let it be played over the course of a year. If I do get to that point, I’ll probably invest in a better gaming monitor and use VASL exclusively for longer games. I try to only play scenarios that I physically own, because I know how ridiculously small the margins are for this business. That said, my next LIMFAC is time…and I’m in my late 60’s. Still love the game and learning it, but choices need to be made.

    • Sword and Fire is Japanese v US, but it’s not really PTO. It all urban fighting in Manila.

      My problem with CGs lately (not all of them) are the maps are so huge it’s almost physically impossible to play the full CG, trying to reach counters, trying to find a table big enough to leave it set up for 6 months, etc.

  2. After playing “Gavutu and Tanambogo Sand and Blood” and “Decision at Elst” those were perfect, only a few days long. That being said Red Factories which I am setting up, I have a 13 day CG ready. That module though infamous for being “big” has CG’s that are 5 days long to 30 days long, so even the larger HASL’s do give you options. I like the direction that new scenarios are going, generally shorter/smaller. The older larger scenarios don’t go away, so you always have the option to “go big.”



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