Use the special ammo and ammo depletion rules (C8) to possibly get an extra shot in those critical situations.

Tactical Tips are short ASL refreshers to show players some of the lesser used, sometimes forgotten, and often subtle rules in the Advanced Squad Leader system. These tutorials are mere summaries and examples and are NOT meant as exhaustive replacements for reading the relevant rule sections.

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  1. I think the non-sleaze argument here is that a vehicle crew is most likely to use their special ammo in a critical situation. It’s not a completely free shot, since rolling over the depletion number means no more of the special ammo for that vehicle/gun for the remainder of the game. In any case, it is explicit in the rules.

    • Indeed. I usually save my special ammo shots for critical shots when the TH# I need is less than the depletion number. If I hit, great. If I deplete ammo, can take another shot. I guess that’s the “hack” part of it. Don’t waste your special ammo on mundane shots, save it for when you might have a need to that extra shot if it fails.



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