Rallying units, recovering Support Weapons, and other actions. Starter Kit Example #3 from the rulebook. In an attempt to help out new and existing Starter Kit players I’m going to work through every example from the ASL Starter Kit rulebook. These snapshots are mere summaries/examples and are NOT meant as exhaustive replacements for reading the relevant rule sections.

You can download the full Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit rules (which includes all rules for SK #1 through SK #4) at this link!

Remember your Rally DRMs:

    • -x, leadership modifier, if applicable
    • -1, “rally terrain” (woods or building)
    • +4, Desperation Morale (DM)
    • +1, self-rally, leaders also have to use this DRM when self-rallying!!

What can you do in the ASL Starter Kit Rally Phase (RPh)? (in roughly this order):

    • Set up entering reinforcements
    • Recombine half-squads (USMC only, 8.41)
    • Recover SW/Gun
    • Deploy (USMC only, 8.4)
    • Repair
    • Transfer SW
    • Self-rally
    • Rally
    • Shock/UK recover (vehicles)
    • Remove DM counters

That’s all for now!

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