Today, Part 3 of an ongoing series that takes snapshot looks at many often overlooked, forgotten, and/or hard to remember in the HEAT of battle Advanced Squad Leader rules. Starting with infantry and working through some of the rulebook. Good news, these examples are short 1 minute snippets. I try not to get long-winded with these. Examples 11-15.

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GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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  1. Neal – thanks for these video snippets on overlooked rules. As I am currently taking a bit of break from ASL to pursue other gaming interests, I really enjoy watching these videos as a kind of “ASL rules shot [rather than whiskey] ;-)”

    That said, you confused me on the color-code information counters. Isn’t Prep Fire colored orange (rather than red), so it would be removed at the end of the AFPh vice end of the Player Turn?

    Again, I really appreciate you making these videos. I do have a (personal) request…. how about doing a video on the rules concerning Opportunity Fire.



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