I became tired of digging out various ASL Starter Kit reference charts depending on which scenario was being played. So I compiled my own SK Combat Charts using information from the SK modules, information freely available on the web, and original charts/tables created by myself. Here are some examples of the included charts …

ASL Starter Kit Combat Charts
Infantry Fire Table


ASL Starter Kit Combat Charts
Nationality TH Tables


ASL Starter Kit Combat Charts
AVF Cheat Sheet


ASL Starter Kit Combat Charts
Close Combat Odds Ratios


You can download the updated PDF I created at this link:


Note: These are for personal use only and are not meant to be monetized in any way.

Check out the “unboxing” video below.

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Neal Ulen
Neal is a retired engineer/researcher who first played Squad Leader back in the late '70s. While getting re-acquainted with ASL after retiring, he took it as an opportunity to create VASL, Boot Camp, and AAR tutorials to help new and returning players. He lurks in the PWN.


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