ASL Roma 2020 Unboxing

ASL Roma 2020 Unboxing

Advanced Squad Leader – ASL Roma 2020 Unboxing

Below is an “unboxing” video of MMP’s new scenariopack, a set of 4 tournament scenarios and board #86 developed for the ASL Rome Wargame Gathering, October 2020. OB details blurred to protect copyright. Please support MMP and our hobby by purchasing their products.

Here’s the official MMP blurb from their website:

ASL Roma 2020 is a map and scenario pack for Advanced Squad Leader produced by MMP and the joint efforts of Federazione Italiana Wargame and ASL Italia for the Rome Wargame Gathering in Rome, Italy, October 2020. The pack contains a new 8″ x 22″ geomorphic mapboard (86) and four new scenarios by designers Sebastiano Caltabiano, Paolo Cariolato, Ken Dunn, and Pete Shelling with actions featuring Italian, Greek, German, French Partisan, New Zealand, and American forces.

You can order the ASL Roma 2020 pack directly from MMP here.

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