ASL Module 10a - Croix de Guerre Unboxing

ASL Module 10a – Croix de Guerre Unboxing

An overview of MMPs massively updated (and massive) Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) French module 10a, Croix de Guerre, including the HASL module Dinant: Rommel at the Meuse. The new French module now includes nationality counters for the regular French, Free French, and French Vichy … as well as about 8000 Opel Blitz counters.

Croix de Guerre Unboxing

Check out the unboxing video below. I’m still working on a better microphone setup.


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  1. Excellent video. Really good information. I’m going to The Gamer’s Armory tomorrow in Cary, N.C. and pick up a copy. Have also enjoyed your VASAL videos. Thanks.

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