Hollow Legions
Hollow Legions (MMP)

November 19, 1941, Gabr Saleh, Libya

Operation Crusader, which took place from 18 November to 30 December 1941, was a significant military campaign during World War II in the North African theater. The British Eighth Army, which included forces from the United Kingdom, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Poland, and Czechoslovakia, launched an offensive against the Axis powers, comprising German and Italian troops led by Generalleutnant Erwin Rommel.

The operation aimed to bypass Axis defenses on the Egyptian-Libyan frontier, defeat the Axis armored forces near Tobruk, lift the Siege of Tobruk, and reoccupy Cyrenaica. The British forces began their surprise attack on November 18, 1941 and in the initial phase, they suffered heavy tank losses. From 18 to 22 November, British armored units dispersed and lost approximately 530 tanks, while inflicting around 100 tank losses on the Axis forces.

Advanced Squad Leader Blazin' Chariots
Panzer IIIG (50mm) on overwatch

One of the key battles during Operation Crusader was the battle at Bir el Gubi. On November 19, 1941, elements of four British armored formations mounted an offensive against Bir el Gubi and encountered stiff resistance from Italian tanks and antitank guns. The plan was to lure the Afrika Korps into a massive armored battle in the middle of the desert near a spot called Gabr Saleh. However, Rommel, focused on his impending attack on the Tobruk garrison, refused to believe reports of a large British force advancing in the south and held his armored forces close to Tobruk.

Advanced Squad Leader Blazin' Chariots
British Stuart (37mm) in Libya, 1941

The selection of Gabr Saleh as the battleground was strategic, although some British commanders voiced concerns that the location was meaningless and that something of value should be the target. The terrain at Gabr Saleh did not offer any particular advantage to the British tank forces.

Advanced Squad Leader Blazin' Chariots
Blazin’ Chariots End Game

Despite the challenges, the operation eventually resulted in an Allied victory, with the lifting of the seven-month siege of Tobruk and the retreat of the surviving Axis forces to a position on the border of the colonial provinces of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica in central Libya. This marked the first army-level offensive undertaken by the Allied forces in World War II and set the stage for further campaigns in North Africa.


ASL Live Stream: Blazin’ Chariots (35)

Module: West of Alamein (original), Hollow Legions (new)
Scenario Publisher: MMP
Scenario Designer: Brian Martuzas
Date: November 19, 1941
Gabr Saleh, Libya

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  1. I just can’t get into dto. Tactics are so different its hard to wrap my feeble brain around it. Also lack of a lot of terrain makes it feel a chore to play sometimes. I don’t really do dto anymore.

  2. We’ve played this one several times. Not once has it made it past T2. Maybe we got to German def fire in T3 once, its been ahilwe. British were always outgunned and picked off.



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