This one slipped through the cracks! I was perusing my pile of ASL material, primarily waiting for the scenarios to be scanned to pdf, when my eyes spotted a copy of ASL Journal #14. Hey, wait a minute. Did I do an unboxing of that? I looked on my computer. Nope. I looked on the Youtube channel. Nope. Huh, okay then, let’s remedy that.

ASL Journal #14 (MMP)

So here’s a slightly late unboxing of the Aussie themed Journal #14 that includes:

    • Aussie and Kiwi Stories-Part 1 by Andy Rogers delivers several history lessons on the Aussie and Kiwi forces covered in this issue.
    • A history of the Battle for Crete and how Aussie and Kiwi forces fared in the battle by Al Palazzo
    • A Series Replay of AP161 ANZAC Boys by Aaron Cleavin & Andy
    • The Magnificent Seven, Andy’s list of the seven scenarios from Journal 14 he recommends for tournament play.
    • Reflections on Hatten in Flames through four articles by its designer:
        • Hatten in Flames Revisited
        • Bringing a Mk IV to a Tank Fight
        • Hatten in Flames: The Stalemate Continues
        • Hatten in Flames: Map Genesis
    • Sparrow Force Stories by Andy, covering the history and details of this issue’s mini-CG.
    • Sparrow Force Defense by Andy offers a primer to the Australian player in the Sparrow Force mini-CG.
    • All The King’s Enemies, an account of the Australian 17th Australian Infantry Brigade in World War II, by Andy.
    • Scenario Breakdown: Dingoes at Damour by Aaron Cleavin, John Knowles, & Alan Smee offers the insight of three players into both attack and defense in this Action Pack 16 scenario.
    • Aussie and Kiwi Stories–Part 2 by Murray McCloskey & Andy picks up where Part I left off.
    • Sparrow Force mini–CG: Some Thoughts offers insights by its designer on Campaign Game issues and questions.
    • Finally, The Debriefing offers this issue’s errata updates.

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