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It’s here . . .  after 5 years since ASL Journal #12 was released, Multi-Man Publishing finally put up ASL Journal #13 for order. The new journal has been anticipated for years now and will contain 11 articles, 33 scenarios, board #77, and replacement overlay X20. The scenarios will run the gamut from all WW2 theaters, to the Korean War. It will also include something called “pocket scenarios (4 of them), which will include (part of?) a modified standard board on the actual scenario card (or the back of it?).

Once again the scenarios will be printed on separate cardstock and not be pages within the Journal itself. This is the way.

ASL Journal #13
ASL Journal #13 (2022, MMP)
ASL Board 77
ASL Board 77 (MMP)

ASL Journal 13 is a 52-page magazine for Advanced Squad Leader and features articles, the latest errata and scenario updates in the Debriefing, 33 new scenarios printed on cardstock (including four “pocket” scenarios, with the map board included on the card), ASL board 77, and overlay X20 (to replace the version that came in the ASL Overlay Bundle).

Get it from MMP’s website here:

ASL Journal 13 is not a complete game. Ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader Game System is required for playing the scenarios included.


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