Review by: Daniel Windham

Official ASL products from MMP have never strayed from WW2, primarily because the rules of the system are tailored to the mechanized infantry combat philosophy of the time. Forgotten War (Korean War module) is an exception to this as that conflict, and its tactics, are not that far removed from WW2.

This hasn’t precluded other third-party publishers from dipping their toes into other conflicts and leveraging the ASL ruleset to do so. Critical Hit is one such publisher who’s not afraid to bend (if not break) the rules sometimes. They’ve adapted ASL to the Civil War, WW1, Korean War, and the Vietnam War with varying degrees of success.

Jerusalem '48
Jerusalem ’48 (CH)


Genesis III
Genesis III (CH)

In this video, Mr. Windham explores two products from Critical Hit that cover the Arab-Israeli conflicts shortly after WW2. In this case,  Jerusalem ’48 and Genesis III.


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