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My long time project in ASL was to create a full 3D version, both maps and miniatures, that was fully playable and compatible with the original game. After having posted a full article on how I made the 3D environment (see “ASL With Miniatures” inset link below), the next big step was to give a reality check by making a lively display of the dynamics of the game in 3D.

ASL With Miniatures

To achieve this, I realized a dynamic “photo reportage” by playing each side for the first 2 turns. I wanted to show how infantry, tanks and offboard artillery are handled, using the 6 mm miniatures together with some original game counters when applicable. I strictly followed the game rules and sequence but, to keep the narrative as light as possible, I skipped the details behind the actions and their results, such as the dice rolls.

The steps I took were as follows:

  1. Record each action (movements, firing steps and results, OBA events) so they could be explained and visualized in the final movie.
  2. Take pictures of the global situation on the map after each important game step and some close up shots of some actions to give the 3D look and feel. Then enhance the pictures in Photoshop (sharpening mostly)
  3. Create PowerPoint slides from the pictures so I could use graphical shapes and text inserts to comment each one and also make the game sequence dividers, for a clear understanding
  4. Create a video from the PowerPoint “presentation” converted into jpeg slides and adjust the timing in the storyboard.

Note that the only goal of this video montage is to show the playability and 3D realism of the game and not to train on how this scenario should be played.

My next step: I might make a continuation with 1 or 2 more turns to show tank vs tank or ATG vs tank actions play out. If I do so look for it on in the future.



GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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