Advanced Squad Leader – Action Pack #16: From The Land Down Under Unpacking

At the bottom of the page is an “unpacking” video of MMP’s new action pack, consisting of a set of 15 tournament scenarios and board 15a/b. As is my normal process in the video I blur out the OB details to protect MMP’s copyright. Please support MMP and our hobby by purchasing their products.

Half of these tournament level scenarios (none are longer than 6.5 turns) feature Australian forces fighting in battles around the world, one is a PTO battle between the Japanese and the US Marines, while the rest are European Theater scenarios featuring American, British, Russian, and German forces.

Here’s the official MMP blurb from their website:

Action Pack #16: From The Land Down Under features a new map (15a/b) and 15 new scenarios designed and playtested by the Australian ASL community. Spearheaded by Andrew Rogers (Hatten In Flames), the scenarios of Action Pack #16 feature actions and combatants from all around the globe.

Action Pack #16: From The Land Down Under contains:

  • one new 11″ x 16″ double-sided ASL mapboard (15a/b)
  • 15 new ASL scenarios (AP160-AP174):
    • AP160 Carrier Hill – 6 turns, 22 April 1941, Tobruk, Libya
    • AP161 ANZAC Boys – 5 turns, 27 May 1941, Chania, Crete
    • AP162 The Governor – 4½ turns, 19 June 1941, Merdjayoun, Syria
    • AP163 Dingoes At Damour – 5½ turns, 9 July 1941, Damour, Syria
    • AP164 Sparrow Force – 5½ turns, 22 February 1942, Oesau, West Timor
    • AP165 The Chocos – 4½ turns, 26 July 1942, Oivi, New Guinea
    • AP166 Aussie Alamo – 6½ turns, 28 January 1943, Wandumi, New Guinea
    • AP167 All The King’s Enemies – 5½ turns, 30 January 1943, Wau, New Guinea
    • AP168 Nameless Hill – 5 turns, 30 December 1943, Razorback Ridge, New Britain
    • AP169 The Beasts Have Arrived – 5½ turns, 16 April 1944, Seredynki, Ukraine
    • AP170 Never On Time – 6 turns, 28 June 1944, Mouen, France
    • AP171 Pössl’s Posse – 5½ turns, 12 July 1944, Kaunas, Lithuania
    • AP172 Hickory Lickin’ – 5½ turns, 16 October 1944, Würselen, Germany
    • AP173 The Bend – 4½ turns, 16 January 1945, Hatten, France
    • AP174 Forest Gumm – 5½ turns, 19 January 1945, Weyersheim, France

You can order Action Pack #16: From The Land Down Under directly from MMP here.


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Neal Ulen
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