Advanced Squad Leader Boot Camp #1

ASL Boot Camp #1: The ASL System

ASL Boot Camp by: Neal Ulen

This is the first Exercise (yet not really an exercise) simply presenting the game at a high level for new (and future!) players, Starter Kit players, and veteran players. I start at the beginning talking about the three things needed to play a game of ASL, and how they’re represented in the ASL system:

1) A location (board configuration)
2) Combatants (units/counters from each side)
3) A situation (the scenario card)

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Here’s what’s covered in this tutorial …

The goal of ASL Boot Camp is to present rule and tactical discussions for new and veteran players. New Boot Camp Exercises will be posted … well, when I make them (hint: there’s no schedule!). Also, if I screw up a rules interpretation (we all do) in any of my videos, PLEASE post in the comments so everyone has the correct interpretation!!!

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  1. I just acquired a very large set of ASL components found at an auction (still doing inventory) NEW ASL Solitaire Module 1, 1995, w/counter chit sheets intact!!!. I played Ambush and Squad Leader (late 70’s & early 80′). Life pulled me away (as it happens). Now getting back to it and this is a great help! Thanks so much for doing this. As a former IT instructor, diggin’ your teaching style.

    1. Stick with the system, it’s worth getting the fundamentals down. It can bring you many years of gaming enjoyment, and never really feel stale because there’s so much variety in the system.

      I did do some teaching in graduate school, but that was a LONG time ago. I know I’m rusty, but it sounds like some of it stuck with me. 👍

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