Advanced Squad Leader Boot Camp Coming Soon!


Darkness and rain will soon descend in the Pacific Northwest. So that’s a perfect time for me to kick off my Advanced Squad Leader “Boot Camp”!

ASL Boot Camp will be an ongoing series of videos (to be posted on the Youtube channel and linked on this website) that will highlight the complexity and elegance of the Advanced Squad Leader game system by discussing rules using tactical examples of play. There is no schedule, but I plan on starting with the basics first (infantry units, movement, and fire) then moving on from there.

Beyond the basic topics, have you ever wondered:

  • How to do infantry bypass movement?
  • What’s the best way to conduct defensive fire?
  • How to conduct vehicular bypass movement?
  • How do snipers work?
  • What’s the deal with OBA? Help!
  • How do I effectively use armor?
  • Human Wave/Banzai charges … are they worth it?
  • What’s the best way to take a building?
  • ??Concealment??
  • Can I see over that obstacle?
  • Why are the wall/bocage/hedge rules so complex?
  • To sleaze or not?
  • Etc …

Together we’ll explore all these topics and more. Stay tuned!


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  1. excellent! I can’t wait to wade in to these. Your vasl videos has helped me get back into playing. Now I need to shake of the dust.

    • Hi Eagle, My plan is to start creating Boot Camp videos in the next month. I have a few other VASL videos to finish up before then. Glad those have been helpful!

  2. Neal- Really looking forward to your Boot Camp Series! Your VASL series of videos made surviving quarantine MUCH easier and I have found a host of new game opponents on-line and have you to thank for it! Keep them coming!



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