Turn 3 of another Let’s Play Tutorial series playing the small scenario “Hamlet’s Demise” (A114) featuring a small order of battle, but one that includes a handful of tanks and guns to illustrate the principles covered in Boot Camps 24-30. If you have questions about anything presented, post up in the comments below!

This is a quick one and defeat hangs in the balance of whether the French can rally their two broken squads at the onset (it will take a miracle!). If not, this one is pretty much over.

Go to this link to see the first part of this scenario where I analyze it using the METT-TC process.

Boot Camp tutorials are rule and tactical discussions for new and veteran players. These tutorials are mere summaries and examples and are NOT meant as exhaustive replacements for reading the relevant rule sections.

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  1. Neal – why not use Intensive Fire with the French AT Gun given the dire circumstances / criticality of preventing the German AFV from getting into bypass (thus killing the rout path for the DM French Infantry)?

    Not being a tactical critic – just wondering if there is a rules reason for not taking the IF shot?

    • No, a very valid question and equally valid tactic I would have tried, but there was no LOS from the AT Gun to the CAFP (vertex) of the German tank bypassing. I don’t think I ran a LOS check in the video, but pretty much knew it was blocked by how close the LOS came to the crest line in U6 while checking LOS to T7. I just double checked and it was indeed blocked.

  2. Neal – totally my bad, I was so focused on thinking about a solution for dealing with the AFV in bypass that I complete forgot that the LOS was blocked… duh.



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