In this tutorial, I cover the three “target types” that are used in Advanced Squad Leader when firing ordnance. Any time you fire a Gun/SW mortar that uses the C3 To Hit table, you must declare one of these target types before firing. This declaration will determine Basic TH numbers, how TEM DRMs are applied, and how to resolve any hit.

Here’s the Target Type summary table I created that’s also covered in the video:

ASL Boot Camp #27: Target Types Explained
ASL Target Types

Boot Camp tutorials are rule and tactical discussions for new and veteran players. These tutorials are mere summaries and examples and are NOT meant as exhaustive replacements for reading the relevant rule sections.

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  1. Neal, great video, thank you. Is the summary table referenced in the video available separately as a play aid? I checked your play aid link but didn’t see it there. Would be very handy as a quick reference. Thanks. Mark



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