Advanced Squad Leader Boot Camp #2

ASL Boot Camp #2: Infantry Components

ASL Boot Camp by: Neal Ulen

This second Advanced Squad Leader Boot Camp focuses primarily on the characteristics and capabilities of single man counters (SMC), multi-man counters (squads, MMC), and machine gun support weapons. I do this in prelude of diving into movement and fire principles.

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Here’s what’s covered in this tutorial …

Advanced Squad Leader Boot Camp #2

The goal of ASL Boot Camp is to present rule and tactical discussions for new and veteran players. New Boot Camp Exercises will be posted … well, when I make them (hint: there’s no schedule!). Also, if I screw up a rules interpretation (we all do) in any of my videos, PLEASE post in the comments so everyone has the correct interpretation!!!

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  1. These are great! thanks for taking the time to do them. Look forward to see where it goes, particularly with tanks and vheicles. Those rules have always been a problem for me.

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