Retaking Vierville (Turn 1)

Turn 1 Let’s Play! tutorial of the ASL Starter Kit scenario Retaking Vierville. This scenario covers the basics of Advanced Squad Leader play … infantry rules. New ASL Starter Kit and full ASL players can use the video to learn the basics of the ASL system, including the phase system, movement, fire attacks, morale, terrain, and close combat.

I will play though all 5 turns of Retaking Vierville (in 5 separate videos) as a tutorial for current and new ASL players to reinforce the infantry rules laid out in ASL Starter Kit, and the previous Boot Camp tutorials.

The goal of ASL Boot Camp is to present rule and tactical discussions for new and veteran players. New Boot Camp Exercises posted … well, when I make them (hint: there’s no schedule!). Also, if I screw up a rules interpretation (we all do) in any of my videos, PLEASE post in the comments so we can correct it!!!

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  1. thanks for doing all these different learning videso for new players. I wish these resources existed when we were all learning to play a million years ago!

  2. Neal – at about 31:10 in the video; three (3) German 4-4-7 squads are conducting a SSF attack against a broken US 7-4-7 squad in K6. Question — wouldn’t the DRM be +3 rather than +4? Rationale: +1 DRM [Orchard], +3 DRM [Stone Building], – 1 FFNAM [since the 7-4-7 broke on the initial DFF shot, the 7-4-7 squad is no longer considered using Assault Movement per last sentence of 3.3.3].

    I’ve been away from ASL for a while so using your great videos to refresh and relearn the system. Greatly appreciate the effort you put into these series of Let’s Play and concept tutorials



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