ASL Best of Friends 2 Unpacking

ASL Best of Friends 2 Unpacking

Advanced Squad Leader – ASL Best of Friends 2 Unpacking

Below is an “unboxing” video of MMP’s new scenario pack, a set of 12 tournament scenarios and board #85. As is my normal process in the video I blur out the OB details protect MMP’s copyright. Please support MMP and our hobby by purchasing their products.

Here’s the official MMP blurb from their website:

As with Best of Friends, the 12 scenarios in Best of Friends 2 have been updated using official layout and terminology, and in some cases updated for balance. This collection presents a selection of scenarios designed by Mattias Rönnblom, Martin Svärd, Chris Mazzei & Peter Struijf, and Pete Shelling and cover a variety of actions from 1939 to 1945 that feature German, Japanese, New Zealand, Polish, and Russian forces in some of the best tournament-sized offerings available in ASL. We’d like to thank the Friendly Fire team for the scenarios in this pack!

You can order the ASL Roma 2020 pack directly from MMP here.

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