Here’s a quick unboxing video of MMP’s new ASL Action Pack #18. Feel free to skip my update covering my absense from ASL and content creation. Just thought some people might be interested to know my I’ve been MIA. Here’s the official info from MMP’s website …

This Action Pack marks Multi-Man Publishing’s fifth collaboration with ASL Oktoberfest tournament director Bret Hildebran and his gang of Ohioans to produce a new map-and-scenario pack for release in conjunction with the game’s most revered tournament—ASLOK.

The 14 scenarios of ASL Action Pack #18 were all designed by Ohioans Pete Shelling and the late Bill Sisler. Two new maps (91 & 92) round out the package. World War II actions range from an extreme winter Russian counterattack in front of Moscow in December 1941 to Partisan action in Slovakia to the “final battle” in 1945 Berlin. Pete has also designed four new Korean War scenarios (two on Deluxe boards) featuring actions fought by the American 1st Cavalry Division, its troopers having been “rudely interrupted” from their cushy garrison life in Japan by the outbreak of war in Korea with the Communist invasion of July 1950 and rushed unceremoniously into combat. Action Pack #18: ASL Oktoberfest XXXVII has the action covered!

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  1. Hi Neal — I’m a newcomer to ASL and have been learning a ton from your thoughtful videos (and other resources, e.g. the valuable Defensive Fire flowchart). Commenting here to thank you for being so candid and humane in this video’s prologue — no surprise given the rest of the site but you’re a credit to the community. I hope you get well clear of any health worries and are able to dodge any further autoimmune bullets in this our blessed neverending pandemic silly season.

    Out of curiosity, what sort of engineering work did you do pre-retirement?



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