Advanced Squad Leader AAR: Tropic Lightning (J159)

Download the VASL setup file.
Download the VASL .vlog playthrough.

Here’s the historical situation:

Date: January 24, 1945
SanManuel, Philippines
American (161st Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division)
Defender: Japanese (2nd Mobile Infantry and 7th Tank Regiment, 2nd Armored Division)

Resolving to fight to the death, Major General Shigemi ordered his forces to dig in at SAN Manuel. Several tanks were converted into fortified bunkers by burying them in the ground so only their turrets were visible; the remainder were to be used as mobile reserves. The Americans commenced a 5-day bombardment on 19 January, followed by an initial assault on January 23. The main assault began on 24 January and was made by the Army’s 161st Infantry Regiment, supported by the 716th Tank Battalion.

The American Army takes on dug in Japanese forces near San Manuel, Philippines who are sworn to fight to the death. This scenario features a lot of weapons and a fair number of AFVs. The Americans have the upper hand on vehicle quality, but on this day the fates of ASL don’t often align with history …

Accompanying video with commentary …

GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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