Video AAR by: Neal Ulen & Scott Rowland

Advanced Squad Leader AAR: The Niscemi-Biscari Highway (178)

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Here’s the historical situation:

Date: July 10, 1943
NW of Biscari, Sicily
German (Aufklärungs Bataillon, Hermann Göring Division)
Defender: American (3rd Battalion, 504th PIR)

During the initial invasion of Sicily, many American parachute units were given the task of blocking German movement towards the landing beaches. One such, the 3rd Battalion of the 504th Parachute Regiment, landed two miles northwest of Biscari. After gathering as many of the scattered troopers as possible, the understrength battalion moved out towards the town of Niscemi. As they approached the Niscemi-Biscari highway, they encountered and captured two Italian anti-tank guns. With the newly acquired guns to bolster their defenses, the paratroopers dug in on positions covering the main highway. Not long after the Americans had finished laying mines, a German column approached, composed of mixed units of the Hermann Goring Division. Caught by surprise initially, the Germans soon recovered and pressed the attack …

American paratroopers are tasked with cutting off German units from moving toward the beaches during the invasion of Sicily (Operation Husky, 1943). The scattered American paratroopers form up and manage to capture a pair of Italian AT guns before digging in and waiting for the Germans to make their move toward the coast …

Accompanying video with commentary …


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  1. This is a great scenario. REcently played it and won as the germans. They have 8 turns but they still need to move quickly to capture 2 buildings.



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