Advanced Squad Leader AAR: The Drive For Taierzhuang (146)

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Here’s the historical situation:

Date: March 23, 1938
Taierzhuang, China
Japanese (10th Infantry Division)
Defender: Chinese (31st Infantry Division)

The Japanese offensive in early 1938 was designed to link their northern force from Beijing with their central force from Nanjing. The two forces were to meet west of Xuzhou, thus severing the Lunghai corridor and the railroad which ran from the coast to Xian. Alerted to this threat, Chinese leaders massed their forces in the Xuzhou area. In mid-march, the Japanese 10th Division launched an attack from Yihsien to take Taierzhunag in preparation for the southward drive on Xuzhou. Standing in their way, however, was the Chinese 31st Division …

In March 1938 Japanese forces launched an attack from Yihsien to take Taierzhuang in preparation for the southward drive on Xuzhou, China. Supported by armor and bolstered by their earlier successes, the IJA pushed on toward Taierzhuang expecting and easy victory.

Scott chose the Chinese in this scenario, leaving me with the Japanese and trying to figure out how to get as many of their incredibly inferior tankettes and armored cars (with truck MP!!) off the board as possible. Scott had 3 pesky 37L AT guns hidden, as well as a pretty ineffective 38* ART gun. The 37Ls could do some damage to the Japanese vehicles, but the ART gun was only a minor concern.

The IJA tentatively creep across the field in two waves (on the flanks), when all hell breaks loose on the Chinese with three banzai charges.

GET TO THE CHOPPA…!!! Get To The Choppa...!!!

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