Advanced Squad Leader AAR: The Chocos (AP165)

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Here’s the historical situation:

Date: July 26, 1942
Oivi, Papua New Guinea
Japanese (144th Infantry Regiment, South Seas Detachment)
Defender: Australian (B Company, 39th Battalion, Maroubra Force)

In late July, the Japanese South Seas Detachment landed on the east coast of New Guinea attempting to secure an overland route to the capital of Port Moresby. A mixture of Australian militia and local militia were sent to delay this landing force. One such unit was led by Captain Sam Templeton who had a unique background. A high-born veteran of the Spanish Civil War, he commanded a company of Australian militia in the opening of the Kokoda Trail campaign. At Oivi, Templeton fought a rearguard action which pitted the Australian militia troops, often derisively referred to as “chocolate soldiers” or “chocos”, against veteran Japanese infantry.

On July 21, 1942, Japanese forces landed on the northern Papuan coast around Buna and Gona, as part of a plan to capture the strategically important town of Port Moresby via an overland advance along the Kokoda Track. During the next three months, the Australians fought a series of delaying actions along the Kokoda Track, as the Japanese had advanced steadily south towards Port Moresby

In this scenario, the Australians on Papua New Guinea, partially composed of local militia sometimes derisively (and historically) referred to as “chocos” at the time, defend a small village from veteran Japanese Army units that still have a stranglehold across the Pacific.

Accompanying video with commentary …


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